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Mucho Mangoes Ltd is a social enterprise that was born out of a passion and the desire to eliminate farm produce waste, losses, and poverty, in the Kenyan Mango farming industry. Mucho Mangoes was founded in 2015 by Mr. Didas Mzirai, in Taveta, rural Kenya. Mzirai’s Vision for Mucho Mangoes emerged when, as a very young boy that was born out of wedlock, neglected by parents, and raised by his grandmother who is a small scale farmer, he had to work during school holidays, picking mangoes for a fruit exporting company in order to make ends meet.

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The Challenge

In Africa, About 50% of Rural Smallholder Farmers produce is lost due to post harvest losses and reduced fruits quality. These loses are experienced mainly by small scale farmers, 60 % of them being women, who are depended by their families. This is Unacceptable!


Our Solution

We Mobilize farmers and partners through Strategic Public Private Partnerships that enable us to build their Capacity

We provide farmers with Training on Integrated Pest Management, Pre and Post-Harvest Crops Handling Skills, Farm Record Keeping, Agronomy, Soil Science, with an Emphasis on Organic Production

We leverage Donor Support and Internal resources to provide farmers with Pheromone Insect Trappers, Organic Inputs, and provide Agronomic farm production support.

We link farmers to Affordable and Inclusive Finance and other Agricultural Support.

After helping farmers to mass produce better quality products, we then provide them with a ready and reliable market for their produce by buying their produce, add value through Solar Drying, and sell to food distributors and retailers

We Integrate Rural Farming Communities into ICT through The 21st Century Digital Farmer Program, an initiative that uses Solar Powered Mobile ICT Centers to provide ICT and Agricultural Production skills training to Rural Farming Communities in Kenya, at the farmer’s location!

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