About Us

Our History

Mucho Mangoes Ltd is a social enterprise that was born out of a passion and the desire to eliminate farm produce waste, losses, and poverty, in the Kenyan Mango farming industry. Mucho Mangoes was founded in 2015 by Mr. Didas Mzirai, in Taveta, rural Kenya. Mzirai’s Vision for Mucho Mangoes emerged when, as a very young boy that was born out of wedlock, neglected by parents, and raised by his grandmother who is a small scale farmer, he had to work during school holidays, picking mangoes for a fruit exporting company in order to make ends meet. Having worked for a fruits exporting company, Didas witnessed firsthand, how poor, rural smallholder farmers were being exploited by middlemen, and their products graded at the point of exit, leaving them with a lot of rejects which ended up flooding the local markets and rotting, just because they don’t meet the required international standards. Didas started Mucho Mangoes to address these issues.

His Vision unfolded in the Mission statement of the organization: ‘‘To empower rural smallholder farmers by enabling them to mass produce better quality products, add value to their produce by producing superior quality, Nutritious and convenient by- products and sell to local and International food Distributors and Retailers at very Competitive prices ’’

Our Team


Mr. Didas Mzirai

C.E.O & Founder


Innocent Mwasi

Accountant and Administrative Officer.


Dalmas Ogingo

Consultant Production and Quality Assurance Officer



Dr. Leonard Oruko


Mrs. Sarah Warugongo


Mrs. Denise O’Toole